Veterans Day, Renton Rock Band Style

Hello, Lovers! I was trying to think of a post that wasn't "thoughts and prayers" but thankful and informative. With some Adam flair and style.

So click on this and continue reading:

My father was a Disabled American Veteran. He earned a Purple Heart in Vietnam in 1966. He was told he'd never walk again and while he was at Madigan hospital having two of three AK-47 shells removed from his riddled body he was threatened court martial if he got out of his bed.

Well, he did, again and again until you know what? He walked.

These are the men that Donald Trump could berate publicly while still, SOMEHOW getting some of their votes.

Anyway, this song is by a Renton, WA, USA band from the late 80s called Green House. They never toured the world, they are clearly pretty decent - but please let your ears listen to the analog hiss and stuck magnetic tape. I found what I believe the be one of the last demo tapes thrown out at a Sweet Water show that was put on at the University of Washington ballroom back in, oh, 1993.

The song sums up, at least for me, why the one of the only four pieces of advice I ever got from my father was, "I'll be damned if you ever enlist." He had a bad experience in the service, you see? I can easily imagine him not wishing that on his son or any other son for that matter. It is time to send conservative women to war! Just kidding.

So you're getting through this song now, hopefully, and maybe seeing how bullets from 50 years ago are still ricocheting down through time, through my father, through his wife and two sons. Yet this is just one American. I in no way blame anyone for my lot in life - my first car was a Camaro and I was raised on Radio and after that it was all downhill (in a good way) but please, chickenhawks, please know the FULL price of war. It isn't $1.3 Trillion. It is forever, the rest of your natural life.

For my father, his natural life ended at his own hands in 1985 when I was 13. I never had warning or explanation. He was just gone, "son, she said."

My father, Harley Arlen "Sam" Smith is on the far right.


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