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Sticks and Stones My Break My Bones But they Also Can Fix My Chevy

I've posted a couple serious and deeply personal posts lately so I'm going to balance it back out with goofy car stories. This one is actually a "humble brag" post about my mechanical ability and ability to work a situation that isn't necessarily going my way.

In 1992 while driving in my neighborhood, I passed a car with a for sale sign in it and it immediately drilled into my psyche. It was a gunmetal grey 1962 Chevrolet Biscayne 2-Door Post. The "post" referred to the B-billar of the car. Oddly, to me a the time, it was also known as a "sedan" even though it was a two door.

It had huge front and back bench seats and the seats were sprung, not of foam like modern cars are. The body was straight and it was a 283 V8 with a 3-speed and automatic overdrive, essentially making it a 6-speed. A great drag car!

The $1600 asking price was within reach - if I sold my 1968 Chevrolet 3/4-ton truck. I didn't need a truck, I'm not even sure why I ever…

The Low Odds, High Desirability Event (Cars & Girls)

Hello, lovers. It is time to get back on the horse, or should I say horseshittery?

This story comes to us from the great state of Washington in the summer of 1990. If you've followed this blog so far you know that this is basically a blog revolving around funny or stupid things I did as a kid. So here we go.

I was 17 years old in 1990. In that year people in cars actually drove them rather than pretending to not look down at their own crotches while looking at their cell phones. By the way people, we CAN see you looking down at your phone even when you're tiring to make it look like your head is looking out the window - but that is another rant for another day.

My F-body Chevrolet (That is a Camaro to you) was never going to be complete without a CB radio in it. So, as a 17 year old in high school, working 40 hours a week and pulling 3.7GPAs I figured dropping $50 on a Uniden 510XL CB from Costco was more than a fair weekend joy. It turns out radio would be a life love of mine - …

The Demise of Harley Arlen "Sam" Smith

About every ten years I get an itch. I start thinking about my childhood and my parents divorce in 1979 and leads, inevitably, to my fathers death in 1985. 

I was raised in the same city that was my fathers home town, Renton, Washington, USA. He graduated from Renton High School in 1964 - and if you know your history - you know that what came next was a call from Uncle Sam to head towards a place called Vietnam.

This post isn't about his 1st Cavalry experience or his Purple Heart. I do believe those things had to do with his demise but I cannot reconcile how much it did.

In 1985, when I was 13, my father (as far as I knew) took his own life. Even back then there was talk that it wasn't suicide but murder. Being his son, over the next ten years of my life, I came to believe that indeed he killed himself. The reports said so, the family said so and the coup de grĂ¢ce was that he was a disabled Vietnam Veteran. The dots all lined up and as we even know today, the kids that get sent o…

Veterans Day, Renton Rock Band Style

Hello, Lovers! I was trying to think of a post that wasn't "thoughts and prayers" but thankful and informative. With some Adam flair and style.
So click on this and continue reading:

My father was a Disabled American Veteran. He earned a Purple Heart in Vietnam in 1966. He was told he'd never walk again and while he was at Madigan hospital having two of three AK-47 shells removed from his riddled body he was threatened court martial if he got out of his bed.
Well, he did, again and again until you know what? He walked.
These are the men that Donald Trump could berate publicly while still, SOMEHOW getting some of their votes.
Anyway, this song is by a Renton, WA, USA band from the late 80s called Green House. They never toured the world, they are clearly pretty decent - but please let your ears listen to the analog hiss and stuck magnetic tape. I found what I believe the be one of the last demo tapes thrown out at a Sweet Water show that was put on at the University of Was…

The Great Blimp Attack of 1994

Ah, my beloved Seattle Supersonics. I was a complete NBA head until the league decided that Oklahoma City(!?) of all places needed a team so bad that expansion just wouldn't work. They needed a team, in place, that they could steal from a city and plunk down in the great market that is OKC. Don't even argue with me that this was a premeditated attack and rip off of our team here, 1967-2008.. over 40 years of support and love.

Anyway, this short story is about one particular game in 1994. The very good Orlando Magic were visiting and the Sonics were playing in the Tacoma Dome. Why? Because Seattle was trying to placate yet another NBA bitch that our arena wasn't good enough. It was, but still we took a year to give them exactly what they wanted. 

The 1994 Orlando Magic were a powerhouse but the Sonics were also very good these mid 90s years. Orlando came packing Shaquille O'Neal and Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway who were nearly as fun to watch as the Sonics duo of G…